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Human or Yoghurt?

As someone approaching, or having arrived at, old age I am acutely aware of ‘shelf life’. I am now having a life on the shelf – where I have been since turning 60.   In Australia our journalists and commentariat often talk of our Prime Ministers ‘having the shelf life of Yoghurt’. Rudd  – Gillard – …

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More CABG thoughts

This may sound weird – and it has been said, on more than one occasion that I am weird, but I would strongly recommend that you read Wikipedia on the subject of CABG.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronary_artery_bypass_surgery And whilst you’re at it read around the subject by following the many links that explain some of the more technical terminology …

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CABG – commercial opportunity, or opportunity to do good?

I was sequentially appalled and enthused by a Duck-Duck-Go search I ran yesterday. I searched on Global CABGs. The first document I read ( https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/coronary-artery-bypass-grafts-cabg-market-size-share-global-trend-industry-news-industry-demand-business-growth-top-key-players-update-business-statistics-and-research-methodology-by-forecast-to-2027-2021-05-13 ) a sales blurb from a US market research business that is promoting the financial ‘opportunity’ presented by major surgery. Life saving surgery it seems has a deal of commercial promise to …

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