Malcolm Duffield

Malcolm Duffield provides advanced high-level sales coaching, ‘basic sales training’ and sales training for pre-sales and post-sales engineering staff. In ways markedly different to the typical classroom lecture approach. Like the game of ‘Go’ – selling is strategically complex, nuanced and more dependent on intuition than process. Sales – process alone is no guarantee of success because customers are humans, are fiendishly complex, intuitive and need to be met on their terms. Humans need to interact rather than merely transact. They have many needs, wants and aspirations – not all clearly stated. Having a proposal that is a good fit to the stated need is a start. Having a price that’s in the ball park will also help – but what will invariably make the difference between success and failure will be our ability to understand, connect with and provide value to the customer as a person. Focused primarily on IT sales, where solution and value, but above all human connection through respect, integrity and empathy, have to be brought together to win high-value deals - it would appear that other 'capital acquisitions' benefit from a similar approach. I have 30 years experience in such sales, and know what works and what doesn't work.

Ch Ch Changes

I got some feedback from my daughter in-law re my web site (now on Astra WP theme with minimal customisation). She liked the colour but felt there was too much text and not enough photos. FYI she is a professional fashion photographer so no surprises there! But then again she also has a highly successful …

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Certification is Protectionism. Now we really are a Banana Republic?

It’s interesting that, as a society, we have moved through education to certification as the measure of an individual’s ability to contribute to said society.  I had always thought that society’s primary objective was ‘progress’ – with all the beneficial change that implies, realised. Certification, I would suggest, works to prevent such progress. Certification promotes …

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Perhaps the only bit of science you really need to ‘get’. This, somewhat confusing chart from the IPCC, attempts to show the relative flows of energy in to and out of the Earth’s atmosphere (and surfaces).  A key point to note is that whilst the incoming radiation is indeed equal to the outgoing radiation – the diagram itself makes no …

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