Certification is Protectionism. Are we a Banana Republic?

It’s interesting that, as a society, we have moved through education to certification as the measure of an individual’s ability to contribute to said society.  I had always thought that society’s primary objective was ‘progress’ – with all the beneficial change that implies, realised. Certification, I would suggest, works to prevent such progress. Certification promotes […]


Perhaps the only bit of science you really need to ‘get’. This, somewhat confusing chart from the IPCC, attempts to show the relative flows of energy in to and out of the Earth’s atmosphere (and surfaces).  A key point to note is that whilst the incoming radiation is indeed equal to the outgoing radiation – the diagram itself makes no […]

Watts Causing Climate Change?

The biggest cause of rising atmospheric CO2 has been the burning of coal to make electricity.  Our love affair with Electricity goes back to the late 1800’s. Wikipedia tells us the world’s first public electricity supply was provided in late 1881, when the streets of the Surrey town of Godalming in the UK were lit with electric […]