About Malcolm

Malcolm Duffield understands selling. He’s read the books. He’s listened to the tapes and podcasts. He’s watched the videos. He’s completed the online interactive stuff. Yes – he’s even got the T-shirts!

He’s been trained and mentored by the best. More importantly, he’s sold for them too – and refined all of that knowledge, through experience, into wisdom. He’s sold for British Telecom, Case/Dowty/Cray/Anite Networks (yes, they’re one and the same company), Motorola, Intergraph, Wang, CSC and SAP. He’s sold everything from bicycles and ‘TV air-time’ through to massive outsourcing deals and whole-of-government ERP software. His sales career spans over thirty years and across the globe – much of it in complex, high value IT.

Graduating in Applied Physics, he first made the quantum leap into Advertising – logically enough – where he learned that his innate passion for selling, or rather ‘spreading of enthusiasm’, which he’d had from childhood, could be enhanced by study, practice and experiment. Learning how to communicate ideas and emotions by taking-part in London’s ‘Creative Circle’ further strengthened his ‘urge to serve’ – the desire that drives all sales people in their quest to make customers happy and propel the economic cycle.

As well as selling products, he’s ‘sold’ ideas too – and having developed not only a strong understanding of technology but a strong understanding of human nature has even been successful at developing and disseminating government policy. Moreover he’s spent recent times as a consultant and advisor, and as CEO of a start-up.

Known  for his creative/strategic planned approach to selling, his ability to understand and explain new technologies, and for his dynamic and engaging presentation style, Malcolm’s focus is nevertheless always on the human element – after all, it is people who make the purchase decision. Upon this, he based the sales coaching modules that he’s delivered to a number of renowned sales teams – to great acclaim.

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