Stuff I come across, rememberries I wander through (they’re a bit like memories – but more random – wild even, like berries!)

Highlights of my CABG

One of the most ‘heartening’ aspects of being a CABG patient is the realisation that the cardiac care team, working this complex process,  apparently represent the entire world. With specialist nurses from Korea, Sudan, China,  UK , India, Australia  and elsewhere, it was good to see they all shared the same level of professionalism and care. …

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CABG Thinking

Recently, in April 2021, following a particularly strenuous camping trip to a very remote part of Australia, which included 8  crossings of the Finke river (which, unusually, had water in at the time) I discovered I had the very good fortune to be eligible for a CABG (or cabbage as it is pronounced) and that …

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Ch Ch Changes

I got some feedback from my daughter in-law re my web site (now on Astra WP theme with minimal customisation). She liked the colour but felt there was too much text and not enough photos. FYI she is a professional fashion photographer so no surprises there! But then again she also has a highly successful …

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