Where have you been?

As you will see, it has been a long time between posts! My excuse is that “I’ve been busy” (a VERY weak excuse I’d suggest).

For the intervening period I’ve been both cat-herder at one of Australia’s big-4 banks (trying to get their collaboration tools in working order whilst teaching their two IT-provider ‘Gorilla’s’ to Tango) and, for the last two-years, as CEO of a couple of companies developing and launching a new approach to sound amplification and playback (Acoustic 3D Holdings Ltd – and their commercialisation-arm and Licensee, Vastigo Ltd) .

The bank job made use of my guile and cunning – and some technical understanding; the later actually required me to polish my scientific understanding!

As CEO of a smallI, lean start-up in new technology, I’ve¬†essentially been head of sales, chief cook and bottlewasher. That I must sell something that we are constantly re-defining – that is occasionally ‘broken’ by our ‘improvements’ and, more importantly, goes against 139 YEARS of ‘conventional-wisdom’ is no small feat. ¬†To make the job possible I’ve had to learn much new stuff. Studying psycho-acoustics and nuero-science online has been both rewarding and challenging – and again, time consuming.

Still, it has been ‘a real education’ to deal with all of the various issues raised by a start-up public company – fund-raising, governance, product manufacture, supplier negotiations, etc, etc… And, at last, it looks like it may at last turn all this hard work into money – as a few of the sound industries more enlightened companies begin to show interest in the first of our patented technologies!