Ch Ch Changes

I got some feedback from my daughter in-law re my web site (now on Astra WP theme with minimal customisation). She liked the colour but felt there was too much text and not enough photos. FYI she is a professional fashion photographer so no surprises there!

But then again she also has a highly successful on-line store so she may have a point!

She suggested I use some other website tool (not WordPress!) because it has some cool templates. Now, you should note that I’ve spent a fair bit of time learning WordPress (which has a more than plentiful supply of cool templates) – and whilst I wouldn’t class myself as expert, I can largely make it do what I want. Only I don’t want what everyone else appears to want to see!

No, my real problem is that what I’d like to sell is really hard to photograph. What I want to sell is ‘how to strategisel’ in a world devoid of certainty, awash with distractions and demands for attention, and short on trust.

To me – and I may be wrong here – words are the only way of conveying the complexity, nuance and power of a well-executed strategic sales campaign. But if you can imagine a pictorial solution I’d love to hear about it. Get in touch through my contact form (don’t waste your time if you’re a spammer, as I’ve got protection).