Amazing Turn-around

In my last blog entry I wrote about a particularly disturbing event on my School Bus/Psych Ward. I am now pleased to say that I’ve just experienced¬† the exact opposite.

.Monday the 22nd of August 2022 was not only the 150th anniversary of the coming of “global communications” – the Telegraph connection between Adelaide and Darwin – the construction of which created Alice Springs. This trans Australian network, was itself connected to the British Empire’s global telegraph network whose submarine cable landed on Australian shores in Darwin, forming an, admittedly much slower, precursor to the Internet . But also, on that very same day of celebration, the young Sudanese woman I’d identified as the ring leader of the gang that had been looking for targets – as outlined in my previous blog post, caught my bus so that she could apologise to me for her aberrant behaviour.

That took immense strength of character. 

I now feel very much more hopeful for the future of humanity. This young woman¬† – she is clearly too powerful to be labelled “girl” – has, I believe, the strength of character to be a real ‘force for good’ in the World. I don’t think she should limit her ambitions to Alice Springs but it certainly has a very real problem with racism.

Anything that can be done to eradicate racism from the hearts of any of the people of Alice Springs will find ready demand in the rest of Australia, and indeed the World.