Oh well – another dream dashed on the rocks of reality!

Seems either my age or predominant IT experience has gone against me in my application to become a bicycle mechanic. Only the truly cycling afflicted would understand the level of devastation I feel right now :-(

I was told, by some presumably well meaning ‘assistant manager’ of Outback Cycling – Alice Springs, that they were “looking for someone with more bike-shop mechanic experience” which is kind of weird given that it is the actual doing of the the mechanic-ing that gives you the skills and experience to be a mechanic – and I’ve done a lot, albeit mostly on my own bikes, or those of family and friends. That I was taught how to refurbish and build air-suspension components by a licensed aircraft mechanic (they know a lot about hydraulics) means that I have appropriate technique, and use the right tools. That I understand the underlying technology, partly due to my education in Applied Physics and partly due to the fact that I’ve been working on bikes, motor bikes and cars since childhood, has given me the confidence to work on complex stuff made of strong but delicate (i.e. carbon fibre) components. E-bikes are also something I can understand better than most – particularly as they are evolving very quickly right now.

The good news from this outcome is that I won’t have to work for people who don’t ‘get’ the value of knowledge and wisdom – and, of course, ┬áthat I’ll have more time to go riding! Naturally, I’ll be buying my future bikes, parts, tyres, etc. from the other bike shop in ‘The Alice’ – the vastly superior “Ultimate Ride”. I will also use my significant and proven influencing skills to ensure that others do the same.