No business without sales

There’s never been a more pressing time to be exceptional at selling.

Sales have never been harder to come by. The ongoing perceived risk of “next-GFC contagion” is causing some to hesitate with purchases – not sure if it will be them, their customers, or their suppliers who may be adversely hit by an as yet unrealised risk. Of course, competition – theirs and yours – is everywhere, and capable (and increasingly desperate too).

On top of that, these days customers are smarter and better informed of their options. Products and services are often commoditised by the sheer global scale of their availability, whilst over the years, the sales ‘process’ has been developed and refined to a point where there is little to differentiate between companies and their products – they often even use the same sales training!

Add to this the growing unease many people now profess toward AI and you can see why the ‘sales-shy’ are the only growth market!

Given the above, now is precisely the time to differentiate – through the quality of your ‘human connection’ with your customers.

That my sales training and coaching offerings are centred around the premise that a sales person, rather than a sales process, can best address the specific needs of a customer is based partly on this need for differentiation. More importantly, however, it is because it is always the human connection that enables the ‘Sales Legend’ to so comprehensively outperform the mere ‘Sales Professional’.

A ‘Sales Legend’ will have the customer’s trust – a priceless commodity in such times of uncertainty. Through their integrity, the Sales Legend will in-turn impart confidence to the customer, helping them move forward whilst closing the deal.

In essence, the ‘human connection’ is the difference between ‘good effort’ and ‘win’.

Do your sales team make the human connection their #1 priority?

If your answer is an honest ‘no’ – we need to talk!