We’re all standing on the shoulders of Giants

Thanks, w(h)ere due.

I’d like to sincerely thank all the people who are presently, or have in the past been, responsible for the production of coal, oil and gas. It is inarguable that without their diligent, ambitious, and oft highly creative engineering we would not have advanced as a society.

That we have advanced to a stage where we are capable of powering our not inconsiderable energy needs entirely through the use of renewables, is without question due to advances made possible through the use of fuels extracted from the ground.

That society has evolved such amazing technologies, manufacturing skills and scientific understanding gives me confidence that today’s climate ‘problem’ can be surmounted – provided we start working on it with urgency. We need to repeat the kind of urgency that the coal, oil and gas industries amply demonstrated as they scaled to meet the energy needs of a voraciously industrialising world – throughout the span of my lifetime.

Think of all the technologies that had to come into being to enable us to build photovoltaic panels and batteries, and yes windmills and hydro-electric plants too – scaled to a size able to supply the needs of a home, shopping centre, factory, major city, state or indeed country.

Managed for efficiencies that we could barely imagine, even just 15 years ago, we are now able to provide reliable power around the clock, and in its most convenient form (electricity) enabling us to heat, cool, light and cook – and power our tools, vehicles and even our ‘heavy industries’ at zero marginal-cost and without significant negative environmental impact. 

On behalf of my children and grand-children, it is my fervent hope that those companies and individuals that made the fossil fuel industry ubiquitous will turn their skills to making renewables equally ubiquitous for the benefit of all on planet Earth.

And soon, please.

Thanks in advance.