Shoot self in foot for profit?

According to my former employer SAP  “In a connected world where switching costs are at an all-time low, 80 per cent of consumers will choose to swap brands if they have a poor experience. It is also the place where two-thirds of the workforce does not feel engaged, with almost 2 million Australian workers looking to change jobs, according to recent surveys.”

I find this quite amusing given that SAP are foremost amongst those who have created this situation! That they pushed the concept of Human Capital Management – treating people as things – albeit potentially things of value – they nevertheless led the charge to the ‘thingyfication’ (read ‘alienation’) of people (read ‘now-disengaged staff’ )

All this so they can sell a new software module? One that cost them $8Billion to acquire!

Of course, it’s significantly harder to swap brand of ERP!