Pivot or Parallel Path?

There comes a time in most businesses when one has to question whether there might be something else you’d like to be doing. And whilst I’ve already done a lot of different stuff through my IT consulting gigs and my work as CEO of Vastigo Ltd, I believe it is time to explore something I’ve had an interest in since childhood – human behaviour.

As a kid I’d sit with my mum and watch Herbert Lom play a psychiatrist in “The Human Jungle” and think to myself “I’d like to do that”. Sadly, academically I wasn’t the medical type and my natural talent favoured physics not psychiatry. However, I’ve always retained a strong interest in human behaviour – which I parleyed into a successful sales career. 

Being married to a Psychotherapist I have been very much exposed to current thinking  on human behaviour and the many ‘modalities’ that might be used to influence it. I have also read much on the subject and attended some of the trainings that my wife has undertaken too. Whilst I wouldn’t pretend to be ‘expert’ in the way that my wife demonstrably is, I do have a strong interest. 

The other thing I have is a keen understanding of sales and marketing – and the need all business has for a powerful value proposition. From what I’ve seen of humanity, we rarely consider investing in our understanding of ourselves or our relationships. And yet if you think about it, we are our most important possession – and our relationships our most valuable.

I am joining my wife in her business, Change Made Real, to support our collective business’ Why(motive): “to be free and connected”, and to promote our business’ What(purpose): “to equip the individual, the seeker, the courageous, with the confidence to be free and connected”

It’s tempting to view this as a ‘side-gig’ – but in reality this work is more likely to meet my need for self actualisation and perhaps even transcendence – maybe Maslow was right?