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Do the Math(s) they say – so I did!

According to usually reliable source there are 32MegaJoules of Energy per Litre of Petrol (it’s about the same for diesel so I rounded down their 32.6 to 32 MJ)) Therefore: 100litres of fuel = 3.2GJ How to turn Joules into Watts – a calculation: The power P in Watts (W) is equal to the energy …

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Power of the people

Just had a few thoughts on how RePower Alice Springs (and the people of the NT in general) might benefit from the impending closure of the Uluru climb.  The “Ayers Rock (Uluru) Virtual Climb” would use a bank of ‘stair-master’ exercise machines that may be battery connected, or direct to grid. The ‘climbers’ would climb …

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