Sell. IT.

A foundation course in selling Information Technology – at all levels and via all channels. It is primarily aimed at IT because that market has aspects which, whilst not unique, are ever-present irrespective of the size and complexity of the deal.  However, by keeping our focus on IT related selling, it better engages with those embarking on an IT sales career, as the course content is contextually aligned with their working experience – however they interact with their customers.

Starting with the ‘What. When. Where and Why’ of selling, before moving on to the ‘How’. It wraps up with the personal disciplines which must be habituated in order to become a ‘professional’ in the art and science of selling.

Sell. IT. covers:

  • Selling and salesmanship
  • Customers and their motivations
  • Products and knowledge – how much is enough?
  • The price is right if the value is
  • Territories and catchments
  • Fishing, farming and hunting – the three forms of selling
  • Prospecting and qualifying
  • Initiating, planning and executing – with agility
  • Learning – and improving – all the time
  • Personal – how to be, how to think and
    how to live like a sales professional