Sales Legend

We’ve all met one or two. Those sales people who are always at the top of their game, always exceeding their targets – seemingly effortlessly and calmly. They are typically humble, attentive, thorough and professional – only more so than most.

However, the BIG differentiator they have is that they are truly connected – not just through having a large contact base, but through the quality of those connections –  connections that positively boast about the relationship they have with the sales legend. Those connections go out of their way to help. No wonder they are viewed as sales legends – their customers create and spread their legend! Sales legends are driven by the “urge to serve” ; their customers are the most important thing in their business life.

Sales legends don’t just cruise through life – they blaze – fired with endless self-generated energy, fuelled by ambition and the desire for more… be that for more money, more recognition or more satisfaction at a job well done and a customer well served.

Similarly, sales legends don’t burn out – they feed their own fire and powerfully motivate themselves – thus they do not feel the pressure applied by others.

Many sales people would aspire to be ‘sales legends’. All can be shown how to achieve it – but only those that work at it consistently will achieve it.