Human connection

The standout features that make us human are not physiological; they are the ideas, notions and emotions that enable us to function so highly in such a complex and often contradictory world.

The three key attributes that capture the ‘essence’ of being human and which enable us to make meaningful connections are:
Respect, Integrity and Empathy.

Each of these attributes reaches into ourselves and out to others. They are how we demonstrate (and measure) our ability to interact with others for mutual benefit. They form the basis of trust, and hence relationship, and as such are probably the most important ‘forces’ in the Universe – at least as far as sales are concerned.

Given that each of these attributes is ‘sensed’ intuitively rather than explicitly measurable through cognitive process, the approach taken to develop and care for these ‘essentials’ must be nuanced, subtle and experiential. We cannot just read these attributes into our heads – we must embody them into our hearts.