Consult. Can sell.

The role of ‘pre-sales’ is very much more than just being a combined Business Analyst, Solution Designer and Subject Matter Expert. Pre-sales staff must work effectively with the rest of the sales team to gain the fullest understanding of the customer requirements – and the fullest understanding of the customer and their motivations. They will thus make an even larger contribution to the ‘value’ of the proposed solution.

Pre-sales staff enjoy a different relationship with the customer, one which is often more privileged than that of the sales executive, in as much as they are not seen as ‘sales people’ but are more typically viewed as ‘consultants’ or ‘technicians’. As such, they are often privy to the more unguarded comments made by the customer’s own technical staff – which can provide useful input to their own team’s strategy. Similarly, they are well placed to deliver ‘messages’ devised by their team, directly but subtly into the clients collective understanding.

It is this, less obvious role, that really tips the balance in favour of your team winning – provided of course that the pre-sales person is able to achieve a ‘human connection’ with the client’s staff.

Consult. Can sell. training takes pre-sales staff on a journey of understanding through the complex sales-cycle and highlights the opportunities for them to add to the probability of winning.

In it we cover:

  • Selling: Your role in sales success
  • Integrity: Its role in your success
  • One Minute More: The value of (and how to make)
    a ‘human connection’
  • Understanding Value: Feature ≠ Benefit ≠ Value
  • Strategy: Your contribution to it. Your role in it
  • Listening: Hearing the meaning
  • Communicating: presenting the good news,
    breaking the bad news – beneficially
  • After the sale: Repeat business is good business