A new sales coaching concept

There are many who offer ‘conventional’ training in the basics of selling. However, businesses with high-value, highly complex sales-cycles need their sales teams to embody more creativity and ‘wisdom’ to establish a winning ‘point of difference’ to be effective. Sales teams need also to respond adaptively to the ever changing regulatory, governance and cultural themes that permeate their customers.

My Sales Legend program – the code to unlock the secrets to sales success – addresses these needs through a powerful combination of distilled experience, contagious ideation and enthusiastic, engaged delivery.

The combination of enthusiasm and experience feeds directly into the often un-met need of the technically skilled but predominantly on-line educated sales teams of today. “They might be digital natives, but young adults still prefer a ‘sage on the stage’ to an online lecture…” according to recent surveys by the Toronto-based Higher Education Strategy Associates and the Washington City-based Pew Research Center.

My approach to the ‘sage on the stage’, speaking from experience rather than from a script, delivers not only the ultimate in interactivity – dialog, but also clearly demonstrates the power of the human connection – the establishment of empathy: the key differentiator in business and the core of the ‘program’.

Further, because I offer coaching rather than training, the ‘sage on the stage’ also works as ‘the guide who sits beside’, using questions about current sales to provoke learning rather than merely ‘telling’. In this way, the learning directly relates to deals in-flight. This in turn increases the probability of them becoming deals ‘in the bag’ – and that really drives the learning!

Program Modules cover:
  • Integrity
  • Human Connection
  • Political Reference
  • Hard Line Qualification
  • Focus
  • Follow-up
  • Strategy
  • The Consortium
  • Customer Enthusiasm
  • Networking & Reputation
  • Career
  • Value