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Sell. IT.

A foundation course in selling Information Technology – at all levels and via all channels. It is primarily aimed at IT because that market has aspects which, whilst not unique, are ever-present irrespective of the size and complexity of the deal. That said, many of the foundational components covered are applicable to sales of any other thing – be it tangible or intangible, business or consumer, commodity or custom. However, by keeping our focus on IT related selling, I can best engage with students, as the course content is contextually aligned with their working experience - howsoever they interact with their customers.

I start with the ‘What. When. Where and Why’ of selling, before moving on to the ‘How’. I wrap up with the personal disciplines which must be habituated in order to become a ‘professional’ in the art and science of selling.

Sell. IT. covers:

  • Selling and salesmanship
  • Customers and their motivations
  • Products and knowledge – how much is enough?
  • The price is right if the value is
  • Territories and catchments
  • Fishing, farming and hunting – the three forms of selling
  • Prospecting and qualifying
  • Initiating, planning and executing – with agility
  • Learning - and improving - all the time
  • Personal - how to be, how to think and
    how to live like a sales professional