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The coaching sessions are essentially free-form so as to respond to the immediate needs of the audience. They are also gimmick-free, as good sales staff have a strong aversion to the formulaic and prosaic.

They typically commence with a media-led overview delivered by an expert in the particular subject under discussion – the media acting merely to anchor, or illuminate, a particular idea. The concepts are then explored, with enthusiasm and passion, even touches of humour, in the context of the clients own opportunity environment and prevailing capabilities. The modules have thus proven to be not just educational but also entertaining, thus preventing the classroom boredom common in traditional, slide-driven training. Sales people, by their very nature, have a low threshold to boredom!

The modules have a duration of between 30 minutes and three hours, depending on the subject. These sessions are designed to be interactive, to ensure engagement and to get the feedback and ideas of the delegates. Such an approach ensures that the material and knowledge can be examined directly in relation to the sales staff’s immediate needs and working environment – contextualizing in the ‘now’ making the lessons more memorable.

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